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ERP Konosys Education

ERP, Expert in the management of initial, continuing and professional training.

Graphique ERP Konosys Education

Konosys Education

ERP, Expert in the management of initial, continuing and professional training.
Konosys Education is the result of more than twenty years of experience and continuous improvement. Today, it takes over the management and monitoring of all data and processes of a training establishment.

Konosys, 100% web, is made up of a multitude of modules to cover the needs of all types of users of the system (Director, Training Manager, Program Director, Educational Assistant, Teacher / Trainer, Student / Learner, DSI….)

Today we maintain several versions of the system.

Discover the latest version :

KONOSYS version 8

Konosys is an open solution that can be integrated into your existing environment. Many existing connectors can be put in place:

Directory Connectors

( ADSI, OpenLDAP, Office 365, CAS…)

CRM Connectors

(import of contacts, prospects, etc.)

E-Learning connectors

(synchronization of pedagogical trees and registrations of teachers and students) with the e-Learning platforms of the market, for example: Moodle, MOS Chorus, Blackboard, Opigno…)

Planning Connectors

School home screen

Konosys for Office connectors

  • Konosys for Word (creation of printouts and business objects).
  • Konosys for Excel (Creation of printouts or dashboards and import/export of data).
  • Konosys for Outlook (calendar design, visualization and modification).

Accounting Connector and Prepayment Connector

  • invoicing, collection, etc.
  • Prepayment course hours, etc.
  • for example: Cegid, Sage, MS Dynamics, Peoplesoft, SAP, Winbiz, etc.

Konosys for Office 365 / Google Apps

  • Set of tools for synchronizing user accounts and schedules (students, teachers).

Interface modes :

webservices, structured file transfers (CSV, JSON, …), etc.

All our solutions can be offered in SAAS (on the Cloud) or On Premise (on Customer site).

Finally, with Konosys, not only you modernize your management but you give yourself the means to perfectly reach your objectives and that leads to the efficiency and monitoring of all the businesses in your organization.

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