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Boost your employees skills!

Tailor-made Instructional Engineering


Are you a training department, a human resources department, a corporate university, or a higher education institution?

Do you have difficulties sourcing trainers for your specific needs?

Do you want to carry out tailor-made training specific to your organization?

Do you have a recurring and repetitive training need that you want to digitize?


Blended Learning

Instructional Engineering

Content Digitization

Sourcing of trainers

Blended Learning

Instructional Engineering

Content digitization

Sourcing of trainers

relies on :


Strong partnerships for proven content: French Digital Universities Aunege and UNIT, ESC Clermont-Ferrand, Bonjour World, Chatterbox, …

E-learning platform

A platform : Learn.Dokent can be customized to your image and with your own content (in SCORM or xAPI format) »


Multimedia equipment for filming, editing, creating animations for innovative training

A team

A team of pedagogical engineers (Coach of trainers, Eudcational Engineers, Webdesigner… )

For Example

You don’t have time or resources to manage your internal training activity? ? We take care of it for you !

Are you looking for a graduate training programme(Bachelor, Specialized Master, MBA...)? We propose both face-to-face and online training programmes.

Do you plan to convert your training content to digital format ? we have the skills and the experience to make your project a success!

A client requests a very specific training and none of your professionals has the relevant skills. In our network, we have this trainer !

Are you starting as a professional in the field of training? We can share our experience to help you achieve your prospects.

" Our Learning Management System : Dokent "

  • A secure software platform that makes learning and training accessible on nearly any browsing device.
  • Off-the-shelf MOOCs, assessments, all on one intuitive platform
  • Tracking of training dates and schedules, employee progress and levels of success in exercises for asynchronous training.
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